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Businesses, even small businesses, spend thousands of dollars a year on advertising. And if you’re like many business owners, marketing is one of the biggest expenses you have in running your business. But what if you were told there’s a marketing tool out there that’s highly effective, and comes at no cost to you whatsoever. That tool is Google My Business, and it’s one of the most important marketing tools a business owner can utilize.

Google My Business is an online directory that holds hundreds of thousands of different business listings. But it’s not just any online directory. Many consider it to be the best because it’s run by the mega magnate Google, and millions of people perform searches on Google every day. Of course there are other search engines, and many of them are very useful and are also used by consumers every day. But there’s no doubt that Google is the biggest, so when they offer free marketing to business owners, why wouldn’t they take it?

When business owners list their business on Google My Business, they have a chance of appearing in the top three spots of Google’s search results page. These result are know as the local 3-pack, and only businesses listed in Google My Business are placed there. That placement is advertising because when customers search for a product, brand, or service, they will see those listings first. And when they do, there’s a very good chance that they’re going to check those businesses out before they look any further.

This is why Google My Business is so effective for business owners, but getting a listing is also completely free. It’s such a great tool that it can reduce marketing expenses for a company while putting more profits in their pockets at the same time. Business owners that have already listed their business with Google My Business already understand the many, free, benefits it brings. And those who haven’t seen it firsthand for themselves just yet have nothing to lose by giving it a try!


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